Manila Times Online, February 24, 2004

Casiguran Power Plant Expansion
to Raise Capacity to 1,000kW

The residents of three municipalities of Northern Aurora will soon be able to enjoy electricity supply round the clock as the National Power Corporation broke ground for the Casiguran Diesel Power Plant expansion project last February 19.

The expansion project, costing about P38-million, will raise the capacity of the current Casiguran diesel generator plant from 700kW to 1,000kW. Two 500kW generators will be deployed some 11 kilometers away from the old plant which when operational will provide electricity for the municipalities of Casiguran, Dinalongan and Dilasag.

The old plant can only generate 600kW, and up to a maximum 700kW on peak seasons. This translates to about only 14 hours of electrical power a day. Adding to the woes of the short electrical supply, the old plant is prone to frequent breakdown.

The expansion project is undertaken by Bendimil Construction and Development Corporation while the generator sets will be supplied by Shanghai Xinghong Power Machine Plant.

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