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Cultural and Religious Events

Moro-Moro Zarsuela

Moro-moro ZarsuelaLocation: Baler

Presented on February 19 (Aurora Day) in Baler, Aurora, the "Zarsuela" is an interplay of drama and dance. Taking three days to complete (although it could be shortened to a day), the "Zarsuela" performed here is composed of several acts that revolve around the main theme of Moro-Moro or Moslem-Christian conflict. The "Zarsuela" presents slightly different variations for the Moro-Moro theme year after year. The roles of princes and princesses, warriors and laymen for both the Christian and Moslem sides are performed in dance, while a narrator accompanies the pantomime act. What makes this particular performance more dramatic is that real knives and bolos are used. Often in the heat of the presentation, miscalculations result in knife and bolo gashes. Both actors and actresses participate in this particularly sensitive and dangerous sword-play. Only beautiful, graceful ladies and handsome men are chosen and trained for the theater. Indeed, this is a cultural theater that demands talent, beauty, skills and courage from the actors, and highly skilled and experienced trainers are needed to create this unique style of "Zarsuela".


Santo Entierro

Santo EntierroLocation: Baler

A glass coffin encasing a statue of Jesus Christ is displayed in a makeshift wooden chapel in Baler. The name of the sculptor is lost; however, locals claim that this icon possesses miraculous powers and grants miracles to those who believe. During Holy Week albularyos (spiritual doctors) and amulet holders flock to this revered statue to insert their anting-anting (amulets) into the niches of the coffin. After Good Friday, they retrieve their respective amulets now "recharged with power." It is also said that the amulets in the niches are visible only to their owners.

Ermita Hill

Ermita HillLocation: Casiguran

Located in the Poblacion of Casiguran town, Ermita Hill provides an enchanting view of the entire Poblacion, the dark blue coast of Casiguran Bay and the barrios nearby. Aside from its magnificent landscape, Ermita Hill is known as a sacred haven for religious activities by devotees of the Miraculous Mother Mary, of whom a life-size statue is situated in a grotto on top of the hill. Under the Spanish rule, a Watchtower was built to guard the town against possible attackers. Governor Bella Angara-Castillo (then a Congresswoman) appropriated funding for the prevention of erosion of the hillside and its beautification.

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