P1M donation

Sen. Ed Angara was the keynote speaker of the recently concluded 12th joint annual convention of the Philippine Society of Hypertension and Philippine Lipid and Atherosclerosis Society. During the opening ceremonies Sen. Angara was concerned by the lack of researches on cardiovascular problems in our country. He is a staunch believer on research activities as the solid basis for policy-making. He offered to assist the twin societies in their research projects by looking for potential donors who would be willing to subsidize the many research plans in the twin societies' pipeline.

To sweeten the pot, he has generously donated one million pesos. Hopefully, that will start the ball rolling so our local cardiovascular researchers can finally have the break they've been long waiting for. We wish we had more people in the government like Senator Angara who realize the value of research and would help allocate funds for it rather than subsidize waiting sheds and fancy monuments in parks.

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