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Daily Wages Hiked to P217 in Aurora

Regional wage boards approved a P20 daily wage hike for non-agricultural workers in the Central Luzon and Cordilleras. The adjustment means that non-agricultural workers in Aurora Province will receive a daily wage of P217.

From a mere P197 per day, workers in Aurora will start receiving a daily take-home pay of P217 as the P20 adjustments cover the cost of living allowances (COLA). However, the basic minimum wage remains the same for Aurora and other provinces in the two regions.

The latest wage order however does not cover household or domestic helpers or those employed in personal service like family drivers. Workers in barangay micro-businesses registered under Republic Act 9178 are also excluded from the wage order. Also exempted from the wage order are distressed businesses, direct and indirect garment exporters, as well new business enterprises and retail or service establishments with less than 10 workers.

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