Manila Bulletin Online August 18, 2005

President Manuel L. Quezon 127th Birth Anniversary

PHILIPPINE history from 1898 to 1944 is also the personal history of President Manuel L. Quezon who joined the revolution against Spain and the war against America. In these two historical eras, he saw his countrymen' struggle for independence and learned that freedom can also be secured without bloodshed. His rise in Philippine politics concretize Dr. Jose P. Rizal'svision of freedom for the Filipino people through peaceful means.

The greatest politician of his time, President Quezon was a consummate tactician and strategist in the political struggles he waged to realize his dream. In all these struggles, he fought for the nation' interests. He opposed the established at a Free Trade System, arguing that this would be disadvantageous to the country.

The future and well-being of his country and people preoccupied him. He cursed, cajoled, and coerced the colonial authorities and his colleagues in Washington and Manila in order to help his beleaguered people in World War II.

The independence that we enjoy today is, to a great extent, the handiwork of President Quezon. Through his dynamic leadership, he steered his country and influenced the US Congress to pass the Jones Law of 1916 - which committed the US Government to grant independence to the Filipino people - and the 1934 Tydings-McDuffie Act - which gave a definite date when it would be given.

Today is the 127th birth anniversary of President Manuel L. Quezon. In our current national crisis, we hope that our leaders shall emulate the many deeds he did for the country.

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